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Phil's Portfolio

Launched this month, we’re running a little investment experiment.

Our customers often ask us how we use the AQRU platform to manage our own investments, and so over the next 12 months we’re going to show you precisely that. 

But we thought this would be a good opportunity to run a small experiment at the same time.

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So what we’ve done is to create two portfolios, and we're now looking for a third one...


Phil’s Portfolio
replicates how our CEO and Co-founder Phil invests his own money on the AQRU platform.


The DCA Portfolio
is a portfolio built up from regular monthly investments into a single product – dollar-cost averaging, in other words.


Your own portfolio
You think you can do better than Phil? We’d love to hear what your crypto portfolio looks like and how it performs.

We’ll run our two portfolios alongside each other, and at the end of August 2023 we’ll see which one has performed better.

We’ll post regular updates on the performance of both portfolios and any changes in the composition of Phil’s one to our Telegram or Reddit channels. We look forward to seeing who’s getting better results with their own portfolio and we might have some prizes for the best portfolios out there.

Phil’s Portfolio

  • A portfolio mirroring how our CEO and Co-founder invests on the AQRU platform.
  • Launched on 01 September 2022, with USDC 1000 as the starting fund.
  • Starting composition: 50% in AQRU Trend, and 50% in Maple USDC

The DCA Portfolio

  • A portfolio built up from regular monthly investments into a single product – dollar-cost averaging.
  • Launched on 01 September 2022, with USDC 250 as the initial monthly investment, and the same amount each month for 12 months.
  • Composition: 100% in AQRU Trend

DISCLAIMER: These portfolios are presented for entertainment purposes only, and are not to be construed as investment advice.

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