Get Crypto-Smart

Earn up to 12% interest on your Crypto.

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • USDC
  • USDT
  • DAI

Let’s say you’ve got €5000 in savings for 12 months…

A typical savings account will earn you
That's 18 times more!!

How do we do it?

AQRU gives you access to the savage combination of the exciting Crypto market and mad investment skills to bring you reliable returns of up to 12%.

The AQRU™ Mission

  • We believe everyone should be able to safely access high interest gains from the Crypto market.
  • We aim to provide the highest interest yields on Crypto in one insured and regulated platform
  • We give everyone the chance to make a meaningful difference to their finances.

How it works

You choose what to deposit

You can invest your Sterling, US dollars, Bitcoin, Euros, Ethereum…anything really, but not gold, no one wants gold anymore!

The bottom line is, you choose how much you deposit, it’s your money, in your currency.

Invest it, wisely…

Different risks mean different rewards but with AQRU you’re always in control.

You can invest simply and safely, and at a level of risk that suits you.

You earned it…

You earn up to 12% interest, paid daily. We’re not kidding, we even update what you’ve earned every second.

You can withdraw your money instantly, no questions, no catches. So all that’s left is to decide how to spend it.

Introducing AQRU

Our founders Phil Blows, Digby Try and our CTO Louis Quaintance sit down to talk all about AQRU.

We cover the what’s, the whys and how AQRU came to be. All the big questions are answered here, but if you’ve got another, why not reach out in the comments or ask one of the team via our live chat.

People like you who trusted AQRU (Yeah, we know)

Tim Wilson

I have used the AQRU service to generate monthly earnings that have allowed me to pay regular bills and improve my overall finances. This has really helped as my wife is now able to reduce her working hours and spend more time with our kids. Thanks, AQRU!

The serious stuff

Market leading asset protection

  • We use a multi-layered insurance policy to protect the total value of your assets against hacking.
  • AQRU uses the latest in Multi-Sig technology from leading wallet provider Fireblocks to keep your assets safe.

Peace-of-mind that your money is being handled appropriately.

  • AQRU generates yield from leading providers that demonstrate robust audit histories and significant existing assets under management.
  • Yield generating strategies are monitored and reviewed by our experienced risk management committee ensuring we stay ahead of all emerging market trends.

Still think it’s too good to be true?

We’re up for a challenge, ask us anything, just keep it clean…

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