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Earn Interest on Bitcoin

Earn interest on the Bitcoin you buy, deposit or transfer.

The AQRU Bitcoin yield products are currently not open to new deposits. AQRU accounts are now available with a minimum balance of USD250k.

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Start Earning Interest on Bitcoin Today!

Traditional savings accounts are notorious for their low-interest rates, and they often come with fees and other restrictions that can eat into your earnings.

By investing your savings into Bitcoin, you can rest assured that your money is working hard to make you a solid return. And with AQRU, you can start earning tracked daily interest on Bitcoin straight away.

Other cryptocurrency platforms act as storage for your Bitcoin, so you only profit if the price goes up, which takes time and can be a gamble. Alternatively, AQRU continues to pay you interest on your Bitcoin holdings, regardless of the market conditions. Plus, with AQRU, you can withdraw your Bitcoin at any time, meaning you’re always in control of your money.

Get started with AQRU and begin earning interest on your investment today!

AQRU Earn products and rates

Earn the highest interest rates on the crypto you buy, hold or transfer

Earning interest on your Bitcoin holdings has never been more straightforward than with AQRU. We combine our expert investment skills with a simple and secure platform to bring you unrivalled and reliable returns of 0% APY.

Enter an amount to find out how much you could be earning from your BTC.

This calculator is for informational purposes only.

How it works

Making a deposit, earning interest and withdrawing your returns is quick and easy using AQRU. For further information, please look at our FAQs or Help Centre.


Customers can make deposits via bank transfer, credit card, or transfer Crypto.

No fees on Bank Transfer or Crypto Transfers


Earn daily interest, tracked to the second, of 0% APY on your Bitcoin holdings.

Real-World Receivables Real-World Receivables Fixed for 45 days +10%
Maple USDC Maple USDC Currently not open to new deposits +3%
Flex USDC Flex USDC Currently not open to new deposits +1%
Maple ETH Maple ETH Currently not open to new deposits +2%
Flex ETH Flex ETH Currently not open to new deposits +0%
Flex BTC Flex BTC Currently not open to new deposits +0%
No fees on buying Crypto


Withdraw your returns anytime and receive funds within 24 hours in either fiat or Crypto.

Withdrawl Crypto No fees on Fiat withdrawals

Why Choose AQRU

Highest Rates of Return

When you invest in Bitcoin with AQRU, you can be sure that you’re getting the best rates of return in the market. Our easy to use system makes earning high-interest yields on your Bitcoin effortless. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest their finances in a meaningful way.

Super Fast Funding

AQRU offers quick and easy funding so you can start earning interest on your Bitcoin as soon as possible. Depending on your bank’s location, we often complete fiat transfers in as little as an hour and Cryptocurrency transfers can be as quick as 20 minutes. Some deposits can take up to 24 hours.

Authorised Virtual Assets Service Provider

AQRU is an Authorised Virtual Assets Service Provider, meaning you can be sure that you’re always in safe hands when you invest with us. We strive to comply with financial and legal regulations and the highest standards of accountability and transparency.


At AQRU, we take security very seriously. We use cutting edge Crypto wallet technology to ensure your investment is protected. In addition, we fully insure all deposits to decentralised exchanges, and money loaned to retail investors and institutions is 100%+ collateralised.

Minimum Deposit

AQRU accounts are now available with a minimum balance of USD250k.

Technology & Partners

People like you who trusted AQRU (Yeah, we know)

Kristin Meshinska

Very friendly customer support and referal program was great! Customer support swiftly helped me solve an issue with minimal fuss involved.


Fantastic app! Has helped me get involved in crypto and made a confusing world much more simple.

Lachezar Alexandrov

Very user-friendly experience with the app. Perfect for beginners as it is super intuitive an easy to use. Customer support were really nice and responded immediately whenever I had any questions.


AQRU protects your assets using encryption in transit, encryption at rest and address whitelisting. We take our customer’s security very seriously and work tirelessly to safeguard our platform.

Take advantage of bank-level security & deposit protection insurance

  • Our team have implemented the latest in Multi-Sig technology from leading wallet provider Fireblocks to protect your assets.
  • AQRU has put in place a multi-layered insurance policy to secure the total value of your assets against hacking.

Strategic asset management

  • Our yield generating strategies are regularly reviewed and monitored by an experienced committee of risk management professionals
  • AQRU works with leading providers that have demonstrated rigorous audit histories and asset management capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

The AQRU platform gives you access to unrivalled interest from crypto on an easy to use and secure platform.

What do I have to do to start earning interest on my Bitcoin?

To start earning interest on your Bitcoin, you first need to create an account with AQRU. Once you’re registered and verified, you can buy or transfer Bitcoin into your account and start earning daily interest. AQRU accounts are now available with a minimum balance of USD250k.

What are the Bitcoin interest rates?

Our Bitcoin interest rates are currently 0% APY.

How does AQRU keep my Bitcoin safe?

As blockchain technology is still relatively new, Cryptocurrencies can be high-risk.

Hacking is a big problem in the Cryptocurrency world. But it doesn’t have to be! AQRU uses the leading wallet infrastructure provider, Fireblocks, so you can feel confident about your Crypto assets when using our services. We also have a $30 million cover policy in the event of third-party hacks for our customers’ added peace of mind.

Coin risk, the likelihood of a Crypto currency decreasing in value is always a factor. For example, if someone were launching an attack on Bitcoin and issued large amounts of new coins, it would devalue existing ones in circulation. However, as AQRU only offer access to bigger markets with higher liquidity rates, this particular threat is relatively low for us.

Is there a minimum amount required to start earning interest on Bitcoin?

AQRU accounts are now available with a minimum balance of USD250k.

Do you charge any additional fees?

Withdrawing funds from AQRU is fee-free for fiat withdrawals.

We charge a $10 fee for Bitcoin withdrawals and $20 for withdrawals in other cryptocurrencies, payable in the asset you take out.

AQRU currently accept the following payment methods:

  • Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Wallet-to-Wallet Crypto Payments*

(*Currently accepting BTC, ETH, & USDC)

Do I still own my Bitcoin once I've deposited it with AQRU?

AQRU provides a custody service, safely storing cryptocurrency on behalf of our customers. Once deposited, we’ll take full control of your assets and protect them with our wallet insurance provided by Fireblocks. Customers can withdraw their assets at any time.

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