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Invest in Bitcoin with AQRU and enjoy returns of 0% APY, compounded daily

Bitcoin has become a popular investment asset due to its historical high returns potential and ease of purchase. At AQRU, we offer a simple and convenient way to invest in Bitcoin, giving you the opportunity to grow your digital portfolio with little effort. In addition, our state of the art platform makes reviewing and managing your Bitcoin investments easy, so you can focus on reaching your financial goals.

Get in on the action today and invest in Bitcoin with AQRU using our app!

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

When Satoshi Nakamoto released his white paper on Bitcoin in 2008, he probably had no idea of the impact it would have on the world. Since its inception, Bitcoin has gone from being a niche interest to a household name.

Bitcoin is often hailed as an investment opportunity with immense potential. For many people, Bitcoin is seen as a way to protect their assets from inflation and government interference. Others view it as digital gold, with the potential to replace traditional fiat currencies.

Bitcoin is nothing short of a financial revolution. In just a decade, it has grown from a simple idea to a global currency with a 200%+ compound annual growth rate. Its decentralised nature means that it is not subject to the whims of governments or financial institutions. And its popularity is only increasing, with more and more people using it every day. Bitcoin is changing how we think about money and reshaping the global economy. There is no telling how far it will go in the years to come.

Bitcoin has come a long way since users mined the first block in 2009. What began as an asset favoured by tech-savvy early adopters is now seen as a legitimate investment by many institutional investors.

Despite its risks, Bitcoin remains an attractive investment for many due to its potential for high returns. Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset, and its price can swing rapidly. However, this also means that there is the potential for high returns if timed correctly. Despite the risks, many investors remain intent on buying Bitcoin, and its long-term prospects look strong. As more people continue to adopt Bitcoin and use it as a form of payment, its popularity is likely to continue.

The Pros of Bitcoin Investing

There are a multitude of advantages to investing in Bitcoin. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Decentralised

Governments or financial institutions do not control Bitcoin. Its decentralised nature makes it a more stable investment than fiat currencies, which are often subject to political turmoil and inflation.

  • Potential for high returns

As Bitcoin is a new asset class, it has the potential to offer high returns.

  • Low barriers to entry

Thanks to the many exchanges and wallets available, investing in Bitcoin is relatively easy. In addition, there is no need for a bank account or credit score, making Bitcoin accessible to everyone.

  • Global Accessibility

Bitcoin can be used anywhere in the world and is accessible to investors around the globe, 24/7.

  • Transparency

Bitcoin transactions are recorded on the blockchain, a public ledger, ensuring transparency and eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.

  • Highly Liquid

Bitcoin can be easily bought and sold on exchanges as a highly liquid asset. This perk makes it a suitable investment for those looking to cash in on short-term price movements.

  • Privacy

Being a decentralised currency, Bitcoin offers users a high degree of privacy. Miners record transactions on the blockchain, but Bitcoin addresses are not linked to real-world identities.

  • Scarce

There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin in existence. This scarcity gives Bitcoin its value and makes it a valuable investment opportunity.

The Cons of Bitcoin Investing

Like any investment, there are also some risks to consider before buying bitcoin. Here are the main ones to be aware of:

  • Highly Volatile

Bitcoin has seen some wild swings in price over the past few years, but overall, the trend has been upwards. As more people hear about Bitcoin and its earning potential, demand will likely increase, driving up the price. For investors, Bitcoin can be a high-risk, high-reward asset.

The price is still relatively volatile, and there is always the risk of a sudden crash. However, Bitcoin also has the potential to generate much higher returns than more traditional assets such as stocks or bonds. For those willing to take on the risk, Bitcoin could be a very lucrative investment.

  • Security

The Bitcoin network is very secure, but it’s important to be aware of the risks. For example, losing the private key to your Bitcoin wallet can mean losing your Bitcoin, as there is no way to retrieve it.

There have also been cases of exchanges being hacked and Bitcoin being stolen. Therefore, it’s essential to take precautions and store your Bitcoin in a secure wallet with a trusted company.

Bitcoin vs Other Investments

Traditional investment and saving products are losing their lustre. Bitcoin offers an alternative investment that can be just as effective, if not more so.

Bitcoin is often compared to more traditional assets such as stocks, commodities or fiat currencies. Bitcoin has some similarities to these asset classes, but there are also some key differences. Bitcoin is often lauded for its potential as an investment, and with good reason. Bitcoin is in high demand, has a limited supply, allows for semi-anonymous transactions and is not under the control of any central authority.

Bitcoin also has the potential to offer high returns, making it a very attractive investment opportunity. For example, rather than parking your money in a regular savings account with low-interest rates, you could invest in Bitcoin with AQRU and earn competitive interest on your holdings, paid daily and tracked to the second.

Investing in Bitcoin can be a great way to get exposure to a high-growth asset without taking on too much risk. Bitcoin is still a relatively new asset, and as such, it is subject to high volatility. However, by investing only a small amount of money now, you could see your investment grow exponentially in the years to come.

Why Choose AQRU

Highest rates of return

Bitcoin has seen a considerable surge in popularity in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to its decentralised nature and global reach, Bitcoin is quickly becoming the go-to for investors. And with our competitive interest rates, AQRU is the perfect platform for Bitcoin investing. Our user-friendly app makes it easy to keep track of your earnings, and you can access your assets at any time.


With AQRU, you can feel safe knowing your private information and transactions are well guarded. Advanced encryption technology protects all our customer’s data, while two-factor authentication ensures that digital assets remain secure. Best yet? We have a comprehensive insurance policy which covers losses incurred due to third party hacks, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your bitcoin is in good hands.

Super-fast funding

Time is of the essence when it comes to Bitcoin investing. With our super-fast funding, you can be sure you’ll never miss a Bitcoin beat. We understand that Bitcoin is a global phenomenon, and we want you to be able to take advantage of every opportunity. With our fast funding, you can get your Bitcoin investment up and running in no time.

Authorised virtual assets service provider

Bitcoin investing with AQRU is safe, easy and reliable. As one of the few authorised Virtual Assets Service Providers in this industry, we strive to achieve the highest financial responsibility standards. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable Bitcoin investing experience for all our users.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Start investing in Bitcoin today with our easy-to-use mobile app. Just follow these quick steps and get started!

Fund your account


Once we’ve confirmed your identity, you can deposit funds. We accept various funding methods, including bank transfers, debit/credit cards and crypto transfers.

Invest in Bitcoin

investing in bitcoin

Now you’re ready to start investing in Bitcoin! Simply log in to your account, select Bitcoin from the asset list and enter the amount you wish to invest.

Earn interest on Bitcoin


That’s it! We will securely store your Bitcoin in your AQRU wallet, and you’ll start earning interest on it immediately.

man giving tips for investing

Tips for Investing in Bitcoin

Ready to start Bitcoin investing? Here are a few useful tips to help you get started:

Understand your risk tolerance

Before investing in Bitcoin, it’s essential to understand your risk tolerance. Bitcoin is a volatile asset, and its value can fluctuate rapidly. If you’re not comfortable with this level of risk, then you may want to consider a different cryptocurrency to invest in.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Bitcoin investing can be a risky endeavour, but there are ways to mitigate your risk and still earn a return on your investment. One important tip is to diversify your portfolio by investing in other cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (as well of course as other asset classes outside of cryptocurrency). This tip will help to ensure that you’re still earning a return even if the Bitcoin price takes a temporary dip.


Start Small

If you’re new to Bitcoin investing, starting small and gradually increasing your investment over time is important. This will help you get a feel for the market and reduce your risk of losing money.

Only invest what you can afford to lose

Bitcoin investing can be a risky proposition, and it’s important only to invest what you can afford to lose. However, Bitcoin has also been one of the best performing asset classes in the past decade, so there is the potential for high rewards. Therefore, Bitcoin investors need to be prepared for the possibility of loss but also remain hopeful for the chance of Bitcoin becoming a mainstream currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

AQRU is your one-stop-shop for all things Bitcoin. We offer a user-friendly platform that makes buying, holding, and tracking your digital investments easy. And, when you invest with us, you’ll earn competitive interest on your Bitcoin immediately.

How do I start investing in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin investing has never been easier, thanks to AQRU. Our free app makes it simple to get started, and you can start earning interest on your Bitcoin immediately. Just download the app and create an account to begin. We’ll need to carry out a quick identity verification before you can start Bitcoin investing. This check is nothing to worry about and only takes a few minutes. Once verified, you can deposit or transfer funds into your wallet and start Bitcoin investing. Then, all you need to do is sit back and wait for your money to work for you.

For full instructions on setting up your account, depositing funds or purchasing crypto, check out the guides in our Help Centre.

What are the Bitcoin interest rates?

We’re all about helping you get the most out of your investment, which is why we offer some of the best Bitcoin interest rates around. We pay returns daily and automatically reinvest it, so you can benefit from compounding interest. Bitcoin interest rates can change over time, so make sure to check the app regularly to see the latest rates.

How do you generate such high rates of return?

You shouldn’t have your investment opportunities limited by what investment options are available in traditional markets. We created AQRU with this very problem in mind; from day one, we aimed to help others achieve better returns than they could get elsewhere.

Bitcoin investing offers the potential for high yields through lending assets to retail and institutional markets. These types of borrowers usually experience problems accessing funds from more traditional financial institutions, meaning they are willing to pay back greater interest rates to access the Bitcoin they need. We can take advantage of this by lending capital to these borrowers and earning a higher investment return, which we then share with our investors.

We also participate in decentralised exchanges in order to produce even better returns for our customers. Funds deposited into these exchanges are insured against hacking so that you can invest with complete peace of mind.

Both of these techniques mean that we are able to pass on these great returns to you, our loyal customer.

What's the minimum amount I need to start investing in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of meteoric. It has gone from being a niche interest to the biggest and most well known crypto name in the finance world in just a few short years. As Bitcoin has become more mainstream, so too has the interest in Bitcoin investing. However, many people are still priced out of the Bitcoin market due to the high minimum deposit requirements of many investment platforms. AQRU is different. We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin, which is why we’ve set our minimum deposit at just €100. With our low minimum deposit, there’s never been a better time to start Bitcoin investing.

Is my Bitcoin investment secure?

We’re committed to keeping your Bitcoin investment safe and secure. With features like the latest encryption technology, two-factor authentication and Multi-Signature wallets, you can feel confident that we have taken every step necessary to protect your Bitcoin.

And, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we also have a $30 million insurance policy that covers you against losses due to hacking.

So invest with the certainty that your Bitcoin is in good hands with AQRU.

Can I withdraw the earnings from my Bitcoin investment?

Yes, you can! We make it easy for you to track your Bitcoin investment and withdraw your earnings. All you need to do is log into your account and head to the ‘Withdraw’ page. From there, you can choose how much bitcoin you want to withdraw and whether you’d like to receive it as fiat or crypto. Next, enter the details of the bank account or wallet you would like the funds sent to, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Head over to our Help Centre for step-by-step guides on withdrawing your assets.

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Start Investing in Bitcoin With AQRU!

If you’re looking for a Bitcoin investment platform that offers great returns, low minimum deposits, and a secure environment, then AQRU is the perfect choice. We’ve made it quick and straightforward to get started, and with our intuitive app, you can track your Bitcoin investments on the go and stay in control of your finances. So whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, we’re here to help you grow your digital portfolio.

Don’t delay; start your Bitcoin investing journey with AQRU today!

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