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If you're looking to buy Ethereum, you've come to the right place!

We offer a safe and convenient way to purchase Ethereum, and our wide selection of options means that you can find the perfect investment for your needs. So don’t wait any longer. Sign up with AQRU today and start reaping the rewards of investing in Ethereum!

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Learn More About Ethereum

Ethereum is a Cryptocurrency that was launched in 2015. It’s based on blockchain technology and operates as a decentralised platform. Ethereum allows users to create and execute smart contracts, which are applications that run on a blockchain network. People can use these contracts to buy, sell, loan or exchange anything of value.

  • Ethereum is unique in that it offers a wide range of uses beyond being a Cryptocurrency.
  • It is also a platform for developers to create decentralised applications. These apps run on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used for anything from financial services to games.

These features make Ethereum one of the most versatile and valuable Cryptocurrencies in existence. And with its growing popularity, now is the perfect time to invest and get started on your Crypto investment journey!

AQRU Interest Calculator

Join the next generation of Cryptocurrency investors with AQRU. We provide a hassle-free way to start earning high-interest returns on your investments with our simple to use platform. All you need is an AQRU account, and you can buy Ethereum and start earning interest right away!

To discover how much your holdings could be earning, enter an amount into the interest calculator below.

This calculator is for informational purposes only.

How it works

At AQRU, we believe that investing in Crypto should be convenient and straightforward. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to be as user-friendly as possible. With competitive interest rates, a wide range of payment methods, and fast funding and withdrawal times, we make it easy for you to buy Ethereum and get started on your investment journey.

For more information, check out our FAQs and Help Centre.


Make a deposit to your AQRU wallet via bank transfer, credit card or Crypto transfer.

No fees on Bank Transfer or Crypto Transfers


Earn some of the highest yields in the market, with compounding interest paid daily.

Maple USDC Maple USDC Fixed for 90 days +3%
Flex USDC Flex USDC Variable +1%
Maple ETH Maple ETH Fixed for 90 days +2%
Flex ETH Flex ETH Variable +0%
Flex BTC Flex BTC Variable +0%
No fees on buying Crypto


Request to withdraw your assets at any time and receive funds within 24 hours.

Withdrawl Crypto No fees on Fiat withdrawals

Why Buy Ethereum on AQRU?

Beginner-Friendly Platform

AQRU was founded on the belief that Cryptocurrency should be accessible to everyone, regardless of experience. That’s why we’ve created our platform to be as user-friendly as possible. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, AQRU is the perfect place to buy Ethereum.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in being transparent with our charges, so you’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying. There are no hidden costs, and our low fees mean that you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Complete Solution

At AQRU, we’ve made it our mission to provide users with a simple and intuitive platform that makes trading digital currencies easy. In addition to buying Ethereum, our users can also take advantage of our Crypto interest account and earn competitive returns on their holdings. With AQRU, you can rest assured that your money is safe whilst working hard for you.

Super Fast Funding

We offer super-fast funding, so you can start trading right away, and our speedy withdrawal process means you’ll always have access to your funds. With AQRU, there’s no need to worry about delays or inconvenient procedures – we make it easy for you to get the ETH you need when you need it.

Referral Bonus

Refer someone and get 100USDC for you and your friend.

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People like you who trusted AQRU (Yeah, we know)

Kristin Meshinska

Very friendly customer support and referal program was great! Customer support swiftly helped me solve an issue with minimal fuss involved.


Fantastic app! Has helped me get involved in crypto and made a confusing world much more simple.

Lachezar Alexandrov

Very user-friendly experience with the app. Perfect for beginners as it is super intuitive an easy to use. Customer support were really nice and responded immediately whenever I had any questions.


We use industry-leading security measures to protect your data and assets, including encryption in transit and at rest, and address whitelisting. This technology ensures that only authorised users can access your account. As a result, you can buy Ethereum on the AQRU platform with confidence, knowing that your information is safe.

We protect your investment with our bank-level security

  • Our platform employs the latest Multi-Signature security technology, making it easier to keep your wallet secure while trading.
  • AQRU offers a comprehensive insurance policy to protect your assets against hacking. So you can be confident that your funds are covered against any potential threats.

Your digital assets are in good hands with AQRU

  • We generate high returns by working solely with trustworthy providers who can evidence reliable audit histories and successful asset management.
  • We have a dedicated risk management committee to help us stay ahead of emerging market trends and keep our yield-generating strategies under review.

Frequently Asked Questions

At AQRU, we provide a quick and efficient way to buy Ethereum. We offer a wide range of payment methods so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

How do I buy Ethereum on the AQRU platform?

To begin earning high-interest returns on your Crypto investment, simply register and create an account with us. Following a quick identity verification, you will be free to deposit or transfer funds to your wallet. We offer a selection of payment methods, including bank transfer, credit card and Crypto, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Once we have processed your deposit, you will be able to buy Ethereum and other digital assets and begin earning interest on your investment right away.

Our Help Centre has step by step instructions on Funding Your Account and How to Invest Your Funds.

Where is my Ethereum stored?

We store your digital assets in a decentralised virtual wallet, which you can access at any time via the AQRU platform, allowing you to keep track of your investment and monitor your earnings 24/7.

How does AQRU keep my Ethereum safe?

With AQRU, you can buy Ethereum with confidence, knowing that our platform employs state-of-the-art technology to protect your data and assets. We understand the importance of security and have implemented several measures to ensure protection for our users. Two-Factor Authentication and Multi-Signature wallets are just some of the features we utilise to keep your account safe. Our industry-leading standards safeguard funds from being accessed without permission, and encryption technology keeps personal information secure. In addition, we have a comprehensive insurance policy in place to protect your assets against hacking. So you can rest easy knowing that AQRU is looking after your investment.

While Cryptocurrency value can fluctuate for various reasons, AQRU is dedicated to minimising coin risk for our clients. To this end, we offer access only to liquid markets, which our team of experts has thoroughly vetted. We believe that this approach is the most prudent way to ensure that our customers’ investments are safe and secure.

How does Ethereum differ from Fiat currencies?

Unlike fiat currencies, which governments and banks centrally control, Ethereum is a decentralised currency that runs on a blockchain. This means it is not subject to the same financial regulations as fiat currencies and is not vulnerable to inflation. Ethereum also offers a certain degree of anonymity, as transactions are not linked to personal information.

Ethereum is still in its early development phase, which means there may be enormous growth potential. So if you’re searching for an exciting investment opportunity, Ethereum could be the right choice for you.

Are there any fees involved when buying Ethereum with AQRU?

At AQRU, we pride ourselves on being as upfront and transparent as possible when it comes to our pricing. We don’t believe in hidden fees or surcharges – what you see is what you get. We don’t charge any fees for depositing funds, buying Crypto or withdrawing funds as fiat. There is a $20 flat charge when withdrawing funds as Crypto. We know that some other providers might try to nickel-and-dime you with hidden fees, but that’s not how we operate. When you buy Ethereum from us, you can be confident that you’re getting a great rate with no extra charges.

Can I convert my Ethereum back into Fiat?

Yes, you can convert your Ethereum back into fiat currency at any time. To do this, simply log into your account and click the withdrawal option. From there, you’ll be able to select whether you want to withdraw your assets as Crypto or as fiat. If you select the fiat option, you’ll need to specify the amount and currency you wish to take out and the bank details of where you want the funds sent. Once you’ve done this, our team will process your request, and the money should arrive in your specified account within 24 hours.

For further information, take a look at our useful guides in our Help Centre.

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