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Crypto? You’re doing it wrong!

Crypto? You’re doing it wrong!

What interest are you currently earning on your crypto?

When I ask people this question I usually get met with a blank stare. The vast majority of crypto holders are not earning interest on their coins and, worse yet, most don’t even realise that they can. This lack of knowledge is costing people millions every day. If you’re not earning money on your crypto, you’re doing it wrong!

Why aren’t more people shouting about this?

Unless you are experienced in the world of crypto, you are probably holding your coins wherever you chose to buy them. The market leaders are Coinbase and Binance and they hold a large amount of the cryptocurrency bought by retail investors. Many exchanges will pay you interest on your coins, but these services tend to pay low yields and are buried behind complex user experiences that are designed to get you to buy and sell as much as possible as this is where exchanges make their money.

The other reason exchanges are not telling you to earn interest on your coins is because they are already doing it on your behalf and pocketing the earnings! The more people who understand this the more money it will cost exchanges as customers move their assets seeking the best returns for their holdings.

How much are you missing out on?

Let us take the example of bitcoin:

Say you bought 1 Bitcoin 3 years ago for $8,000. Now, at the time of writing, it would be worth $40,000.

What would be the difference if you had bought the same Bitcoin and transferred it to leading crypto yield provider AQRU?

AQRU, pays 0% annually on Bitcoin balances so instead of 1 Bitcoin after 3 years you would have 1.23 Bitcoin worth $49,200 today. That is a pretty big difference for little to no effort.

Let us take the example a little further. If you are bullish on the long-term price appreciation of Bitcoin, how would this interest play out in the long run? In a scenario where Bitcoin hits $500,000 in 2025 as per the ‘stock to flow’ model that many Bitcoiners follow, how would interest change your outcome?


The 1 Bitcoin you bought in 2018 would be worth 1.63 Bitcoin in 2025 or $815,000 vs $500,000 if you had left it somewhere it was not earning interest.

Much like the traditional world of finance, it pays to be well informed about how you manage your money. Now more than ever where the world of finance is seemingly being upended by Blockchain we must learn about the opportunities available in emerging assets classes or risk being left behind.

However, the world of crypto is a complex place arguably filled with more jargon than the traditional world of finance and mistakes can be extremely costly. Many lack the time or capital to learn new financial skills and it is this problem that is being solved by AQRU.

AQRU gives customers an insured, simple to understand platform where they can deposit fiat by card or bank transfer, convert it into cryptocurrency, and immediately begin earning market-leading yields of up to 12%. Rewards can be converted back to fiat and removed daily. It has never been easier to make the most of your cryptocurrency or get involved for the first time. If you haven’t already, sign up and start earning higher rates of interest today!


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