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Quickbit integrates AQRU’s Yield-as-a-Service API

quickbit and aqru partnership

The Swedish fintech company will provide its customers with Yield solutions developed by AQRU.

We’ve always been super proud of the cutting-edge technology that’s the foundation of everything we bring to life. Our Yield-as-a-Service API is a living-and-breathing example of how we build our technology to be scalable beyond its original scope, and we’re thrilled to have the chance to launch it with our inaugural YaaS partner – Quickbit.

Quickbit is Sweden’s pre-eminent crypto company, founded in 2016. Much like ourselves, they set out with a belief that the financial services of the future will be based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and with a goal to make them available to more people with an easy-to-use, safe and prudent platform. Sound familiar? Well, it sounded like a natural partnership for us!

By integrating our Yield-as-a-Service API, Quickbit is now able to give their customers access to AQRU’s Yield products, so that they can benefit from our market-leading returns across DeFi, the way our own customers do – simply, safely and securely.

Digby Try, AQRU Co-founder, says “The partnership with Quickbit is a significant milestone for us in our mission to strip the complexity from the crypto universe. We set out to make building a balanced crypto portfolio a reality for all investors, and being able to benefit from curated high-yield opportunities is a major part of this. Our partnership with Quickbit enables us to share that vision with a wider audience and continue our path to achieving that goal.

Hammad Abuseifan, CEO at Quickbit, says “Through this partnership with AQRU we are able to offer our Quickbit App users a DeFi solution that creates more value throughout our ecosystem of crypto products. Our mission to simplify the use of crypto and integrate it into the everyday lives of people by offering safe and easy-to-use products is well in line with the values of AQRU.”

If you are interested in our Yield-as-a-Service solution and how to integrate it on your platform, just send us a message at and our team will get back in touch.

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