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What is Maple USDC

Maple Finance is a DeFi lending protocol built specifically to cater to blue-chip companies in the DeFi/crypto space. Maple Finance operates its risk management and loan underwriting with an emphasis on transparency.

This allows Maple Finance to generate competitive returns for lenders, and to provide better borrowing options for companies that have built up a distinguished and provable track record.

Maple USDC, AQRU’s USDC-denominated yield account invested with Maple Finance, uses the most stable of the US Dollar stablecoins (USDC) to de-risk things even further by avoiding the cryptocurrency volatility inherent to crypto.

Understanding Maple USDC

Maple Finance’s goal is to combine the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain, with some of the more useful aspects of traditional finance: the goal is to provide a better borrowing service for institutions, as well as a fixed income for lenders.

With standard DeFi protocols, the risk of default on loans by a borrower is handled by “over-collateralisation” – that is, the borrower hands over crypto worth much more than they borrow.

This model assumes that all borrowers are equally likely to default, and so should all get the same rates and the same tough conditions. But traditional finance has a process called “underwriting”: assessing the risk of a financial arrangement and putting suitable terms in place that borrowers and lenders are happy with.

This basically means that Maple Finance enables companies to use their quantifiable borrowing history as an input into the amount and interest rates of a loan, rather than using actual working capital as collateral. This is a much better outcome for the borrower, and because the loans are more attractive, there are more of them made, and the outcome for lenders is better. It’s a virtuous circle!

How does Maple USDC work?

At the heart of Maple Finance are its Liquidity Pools: pools of money that participating lenders (such as AQRU) contribute to. Loans are made from that pool to institutions that want to borrow money. So lenders aren’t lending individually to one party, they’re spreading the risk over several – diversification from day 1!

Matching loan requests to liquidity pools is handled by Pool Delegates – financial experts who have been thoroughly assessed by Maple Finance to be experts in financial risk management. These experts assess the borrower and negotiate a personalised loan agreement with them.

Lenders’ funds to Maple Finance’s liquidity pools are locked in for 90 days.

MPL Tokenomics

One of the key features of Maple Finance is that lenders not only earn interest in the same currency they put in (e.g. USDC), but they also get Maple tokens (MPL). These have a financial worth and can be bought and sold, but they can also be converted into xMPL tokens and staked to earn more MPL.

Staked MPL tokens are used by Maple Finance as a pool of money to cover borrower defaults: if a loan isn’t repaid, MPL tokens are sold as a first resort to cover it. This means that lender funds have more protection.

AQRU customers don’t have to worry about MPL tokens, because we make it easy to invest in Maple Finance’s liquidity pools. Our customers receive one fixed-rate return, and an easy way to invest.

How to get Maple USDC & How to Use It

At AQRU, we change the way you invest in cryptocurrency. Our secure and easy-to-use platform enables you to earn high returns on your Maple USDC holdings. We pay competitive daily rates on your investment and automatically reinvest it so you can benefit from compounding returns.

For complete step-by-step guides on how to get started, check out our FAQs and Help Centre.

To get started with us, follow these quick and easy steps:



Deposit funds into your new AQRU wallet via bank transfer, debit/credit card or crypto transfer.


invest in usdc maple

Invest in Maple USDC with confidence and security.



Sit back and enjoy earning daily compounding interest on your investment.

Advantages of Maple USDC

  • The most obvious advantage of Maple USDC is an enhanced rate of return on your money compared to both traditional finance, and conventional DeFi.
  • But Maple Finance also brings diversification to your portfolio.
  • And, as more traditional finance moves to decentralised blockchains, that diversification should only grow.

Be aware of the risks

Maple Finance is all about transparent risk management, so it’s not surprising that the normal risks associated with a DeFi protocol have been mitigated.

  • One DeFi risk is the Smart Contract risk: the risk that any smart contract can be hacked or drained, with financial loss. Maple Finance deals with this by having their smart contracts audited regularly by experts.
  • Another risk in any form of borrowing is the risk of borrower default. Maple Finance covers this by spreading lender funds over many borrowers, expertly managing those borrowers, and having a first-line fund of tokens to pay for defaults, avoiding hits to lenders.

Start Earning Free Maple USDC on Your Holdings Today!

How much could you earn with Maple USDC? Use our handy calculator to see how your wealth will grow.

This calculator is for informational purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our partnership with Maple Finance gives AQRU customers access to enhanced yields in decentralised finance!

Why should I invest in Maple USDC?

Maple USDC offers an excellent return on your assets using a well-respected financial offering with numerous inbuilt risk management mechanisms, an excellent risk/reward ratio for crypto.

What are the Maple USDC interest rates?

Currently, the rate is 3% on USDC invested in Maple Finance, with a 90-day lock-in period.

How does AQRU generate such high rates of return?

AQRU generates high returns by intelligently investing and operating in the crypto DeFi space. Our expertise and choice of partners allow us to balance risk and reward, with an eye to sustainability over time and the protection of investor funds.

What’s the minimum amount I need to get started with Maple USDC?

Our minimum deposit is just €100, making it easy and accessible to get started with Maple USDC. Additional funds can only be added during time-limited funding windows.

Is AQRU secure?

AQRU and Maple Finance both take security seriously. AQRU’s partnership with Fireblocks guarantees bank-grade security for the assets that we manage. We also have multi-layered deposit protection insurance to protect your assets against hacking.

For financial security, AQRU operates a strategic and safety-first approach to DeFi and customer rates. Sustainability and safety are our watchwords, and our asset management strategies are regularly reviewed by a panel of industry experts.

We also make sure that we work with companies with an auditable track record and proven asset management capabilities.


Do you charge any fees?

Funding your account is fee-free, and investment in Maple USDC doesn’t carry any fees either. At AQRU, we believe in transparency, so there are never any hidden fees or charges associated with our investment accounts. There are no fees associated with depositing into or holding your Maple USDC, and withdrawals into USDC, USDT and DAI are free. Withdrawals into any other currency incur a 0.35% fee.

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Make money from Maple USDC with AQRU

If you’re looking for a great rate on USD stablecoins, then you can earn 3% on USDC invested into Maple USDC. Plus, we pay interest daily and track it by the second, and our world-leading platform makes it easy to take part. So why wait? Sign up today and start earning that 3%!

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