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If you are an institution looking to generate yield on either your own or your customers' assets, AQRU can help.

We’ve built a fully integrated yield-as-a-service solution that enables your customers to benefit from our market-leading returns across crypto and DeFi – and it also includes white-label access to our AQRU Trend and AQRU Ten products.

Aqru YaaS

What we offer

Our service provides you with a single entry point to our leading opportunities from the world of crypto, CeFi and DeFi. This simplifies the optimisation of your asset allocation, allowing you to offer your customers a portfolio of products with a variety of risk and reward profiles. All providers on our platform are carefully selected and vetted, and have a proven track record of delivering sustainable, risk adjusted returns.

Market-leading yields

Yields are up to 3% for USDC, 2% for ETH and 0% for BTC, with bespoke deals available for large balances.

Institutional grade custodial and non-custodial solutions

Connect via your wallet or use our custodial solution.

High liquidity solutions

Funds can be withdrawn on the same day if requested before 2pm UK time, or instantly via wallet connect.

Full support available

We provide API data integration, as well as live valuations for back office and accounting reconciliation.

Regulated YaaS

  • We have partnered with Protos Asset Management to allow you to invest through a fully regulated vehicle. Protos is an audited, transparent, licensed Swiss crypto asset manager, providing a secure way to invest in digital assets and DeFi networks that is systematically traded to over 300 accredited individuals, family offices, institutions and funds of funds. 
  • The Protos DeFi Yield Fund, a structured Cayman Islands Company, has an ISIN registered in Vienna, allowing for regulated and secure access to crypto investments. 
  • Protos DeFi YIeld Fund has a 0% management fee and 30% performance fee.

Your Benefits

  • High revenue generation with minimal capex
  • No need to build and manage your own yield service
  • Deliver market leading rates across BTC, ETH & USDC to your customers quickly and effectively
  • Get started your way, with either a simple Master account or API integration 
  • Reporting tools give you visibility over all balances, returns and performance at individual customer level
  • Complete flexibility on how you manage distribution of the yield returns

An interview with Quickbit, our first YaaS clients

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